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Liquidating an Estate or Household?

Downsizing? Moving, and not "Taking it All With You"?

Need Help?

An estate/moving/downsizing sale is a way of turning a houseful (or partial houseful) of  personal property items into CASH (a.k.a. liquidation). We can help you accomplish this by organizing and executing a liquidation sale, or tag sale, for you right on the premises. By holding the estate or liquidation sale on the premises, we avoid the labor and transportation costs of moving the items to another location prior to the sale, which results in a higher return for you.

Why Choose A&A Estate Wizards for your Estate Sale, Moving Sale, or Downsizing Sale?

We offer many advantages and superior practices from other estate liquidation
companies. These include:

  • 35-year proven track record in estate liquidation business
  • Our liquidation sales are typically held open for 3-5 days, not 2 or 2 1/2 days, like most other estate sale companies
  • No conflict-of-interest like that which occurs when company owner or president also owns a retail outlet, shop or mall space
  • .


A&A Estate Wizards are Estate Liquidation Professionals

When it comes to estate sales and personal property liquidations in the Denver area, A&A Estate Wizards are the professionals that Denver attorneys, banks, realtors, individuals, and estate executors turn to (see our Testimonials and References page). We are not an auction house, nor do we do on-site auctions. Rather, we do on-site tag sales, selling everything from high-end to low-end, jewelry to canned food, right out of the house. With our 35+ years in the business of estate and personal property liquidation, we know what prices the Denver market will bear on almost anything you could hope to sell. We specialize in valuation of antiques and collectibles of all sorts, in addition to all of the common household items. However, on the rare occasion when a specialty item requires authentication or specialty appraising (like some fine art oils, pre-Cambrian artifacts, etc.), we have at our disposal appraisers that specialize in those areas, just to be sure.

Other Advantages We Provide to Our Sale Clients

  • Members of, an estate sale directory & advertiser
  • A+ Member of Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau
  • Advertise all estate sales on our own website
  • Extensive file of testimonial and referral letters from past clients
  • Extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles
  • Our Metro Denver marketplace knowledge earns maximum return for you


How we Set Up and Execute YOUR Estate Liquidation Sale (What We do for You)

First, you should contact us (by phone at 303-274-8317(o), 720-371-3366 (c), or by email), and make an appointment for a free consultation.

We will then meet with you at the property, and take a formal inventory of the items to be sold.

We discuss all aspects of your liquidation sale with you, including any special needs you might have (any rooms, closets or cabinets that will be off-limits to buyers, whether there are family members who need to be given first choice, etc.). These things are all noted in our agreement.

We negotiate and agree upon a commission, based on a percentage of total sales revenues, which will be our fee. There is no charge for our consultation, and no out of pocket expenses to you for organizing or hosting the estate sale. Our fee is based on a percentage of the estate sale proceeds. The better you do, the better we do.

The week before the estate sale, we will set up tables throughout the premises (for displaying merchandise), re-arrange furniture as necessary (to show better, and to allow for the tables), go through all items, cleaning arranging and displaying them to their best advantage, and photograph the items for marketing purposes. (While we are doing this, we watch for and set aside any personal items or cash that we might find, to be turned over to you.) Then, we put price tags or labels on the items, based on our unique knowledge of the Denver Metro marketplace.

We display a description and photos of your estate sale on our website and on,  and send email announcements to our extensive email list of regular buyers, and we may also place ads in neighborhood newspapers. We then place directional signs and arrows on street corners near the sale property, and signs and flags in the yard at the sale property.

The day of the estate sale, we hold the sale open to the public, field questions from buyers, negotiate prices with buyers, collect funds, and log each sale to our accounting sheet.

At the end of the estate sale, we print an accounting summary detailing what sold and for how much, so there is no question as to where the money is coming from. We then deliver to you that summary, along with a check for your proceeds, within 7 business days following the sale.

No phony hype - just Experienced, A+ Professional Service!

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