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Choosing an Estate Liquidation Company: Things to Ask

 Ask any Estate Sale Company Before Signing Agreements:

  1. Are you BONDED?
  2. Are you INSURED on my property?
  3. Do you provide a detailed ACCOUNTING sheet of what sells for how much?
  4. Are you a MEMBER of the Denver/Boulder BBB?
  5. If so, HOW ARE YOU RATED by the BBB?
  6. Do you have ANOTHER JOB or business, outside of the estate sale business?
  7. Do you have your own WEBSITE?
  8. Do you have an EMAIL LIST of invitees?
  9. If so, HOW MANY NAMES on the email list?
  10. Do you own a shop, space in a mall, or other outlet? *
  11. Do you do your own buy-out or haul-away at the end of the sale? **
  12. How many buyers do you allow into the house at once on the first day? ***
  13. Do you, or your employees, ADD ITEMS to my estate sale? ****
  14. Do you hold your estate sales for at least 3 FULL DAYS?
  15. Are you a member of ESTATESALES.NET?


Reasons for Asking These Questions:

  1. No bonding means you are exposed, in the case of theft or property damage.
  2. No insurance means you are exposed in the case of damage to possessions.
  3. No accounting sheet means you don't know what you really made, or what they are really charging you.
  4. Responsible, serious businesses are members of the BBB.
  5. Compare them to the A+ rating of A&A Estate Wizards.
  6. Another job means you don't have the person's full devotion and attention.
  7. These days, a website is a must.
  8. No email list means no devoted following of buyers.
  9. How does it compare to our 500+ and growing names?
  10. When an estate sale company owns a shop or outlet, there is a conflict of interest, temptation to purchase better items at a reduced price, to sell in the shop. *
  11. Likewise, when an estate sale company does their own buy-out or haul-away, there is a conflict of interest, temptation to not display items they might want to their best advantage, so they can be taken for free in the haul-away. **
  12. Many estate sale companies throw the doors open wide on the first day, which contributes greatly to theft and breakage during the madhouse that ensues for the first few hours. ***
  13. Some estate sale companies "pad out" their estate sales, by adding their own items to the sale. Some may allow employees to add their own items to the estate sale, in lieu of pay (free retail space).
  14. We believe every sale of any size deserves at least 3 full days, although we sometimes agree to hold a sale that is just too tiny for 3 days.
  15. is a fee-based advertising service for estate sales, with it's own website and email list. Just one more venue to attract more buyers. If they are committed to doing the best job for their client, they will be members.


After Investigating the Others, You Have to Choose the Estate Wizards!

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