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Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Liquidation Sales and A&A Estate Wizards

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How far in advance should I call you?
    • Obviously, the sooner the better. We often have sales lined up for several weeks in advance, although some of them may be flexible, and we may be able to fit you in at the last minute.
  • What will it cost me for the Estate Wizards to execute my estate sale?
    • There is no up-front or out-of-pocket expense to you. We will negotiate with you a percentage of total sales for our commission, and simply deduct that from the proceeds at the end of the sale.
  • How long does it take you to "set up" an estate sale?
    • We need normally only need 2-3 days to set up an estate sale
  • How many days to you hold an estate sale open?
    • We usually hold the estate sale open to the public for 3-4 days
  • Where do you advertise your estate sales and liquidations?
    • We advertise on our web page, by means of our email list of over 1100 buyers, on, in the Denver Post or local newspapers, and with directional signs
  • How do I know I can trust A&A Estate Wizards to do the best job?
  • Does A&A Estate Wizards have a list of references from prior clients?
  • How do I arrange for the Estate Sale Wizards to execute my sale?
    • Just give us a call at (303) 274-8317 or (720) 371-3366, and arrange for a free initial interview.
  • I don't have an "entire household" of possessions. Can you help me sell what I have?
    • We do need a certain quantity of sellable items, in order for us to hold a liquidation sale for you. However, it does not need to be an "entire household", especially if there are lots of tools, jewelry, desirable collectibles, etc. Give us a call, and we will tell you whether or not we can do a liquidation sale for you, based upon what you have to sell
  • Do you "pad" your estate sales with items belonging to someone else?
    • No. Some estate sale companies make this a standard practice. Allowing employees to sell their own merchandise at someone else's estate sale is sometimes used in lieu of wages or as an incentive to employees. We do not feel that is fair to you, our client.
  • What happens to the items that don't sell?
    • We strive to sell every last item in the house for the highest price we can achieve. However, unlike a store, we can't sit back and wait days, months, or years for items to sell. We only have 3-4 day to get it all sold. So there probably will be items left over. At the end of the sale, if you wish, we can arrange to have a third party remove all remaining items (and trash), and seep up the house. Although there is usually no charge for this, depending on the ratio of sellable items to trash, and the volume, there may be a fee deducted from the proceeds to cover this. Again, this is not an out-of-pocket expense, but a deduction from the proceeds. We will work closely with you on this, making sure you are aware of exactly what needs to be hauled away.
    • You can, of course, donate some leftover items to charity, and they will give you a form for deducting a write-off from your income taxes.
    • Also, you can choose to keep any unsold items or give them to friends or family.


Other Questions People Ask:

  • Why should I hire AA Estate Wizards to execute my estate sale?
    • over 30 years experience organizing and executing estate sales and liquidations in the Denver area
    • advertising on our website, and by way of our extensive email list
    • we hold our sales open for more days than most other companies
    • longtime A+ member of Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau
    • we provide to you a detailed accounting summary of your estate sale
    • we reduce theft and breakage by limiting the number of buyers in the house at any one time
    • we are bonded and insured
    • we care about you and about your prized possessions. We will always be empathetic to you and your family's feelings, and we will exercise great care in the handling and sale of your possessions
  • What IS an estate sale, anyway?
    • Originally, an estate sale was a sale or auction held to liquidate the possessions left behind by someone recently deceased. More recently, the term has been more loosely applied to any sale involving an entire household of possessions.
  • What do you do to "set up" an estate liquidation sale?
    • First, we set up our display tables throughout the house, and re-arrange furniture as necessary. Then, we go through the house, emptying drawers and boxes, cleaning items as necessary and arranging them on our display tables. Finally, we affix prices to all displayed items.
  • Can I assign minimum prices to my possessions?
    • We do allow our clients to set minimum prices on a limited number of items, and will work with our clients to meet their needs. However, we know the Denver area marketplace, and will tell you what the maximum price something is likely to bring. We will allow clients to set minimum prices on some items, but obviously we have to have the freedom to price items to sell, at the prices we know will sell.
  • How soon will I, the client, be paid after the estate sale is over?
    • We deliver your proceeds and a detailed accounting of the sale within seven business days after the sale ends.
  • Should I  sort items out, or clean the house up before you arrive?
    • NO, NO, NO! Please do not throw anything away, even if you feel certain it is of no value. And sorting and arranging is our job - you don't need to do it.
  • How do I know what sold, or how much any given item sold for?
    • We provide you with a detailed accounting of the sale, showing exactly what sold, and for how much. (Note: minor items, such as towels and washcloths, kitchenwares or toiletries, are sometimes grouped into general categories, but all major items are listed in detail.)
  • What if my estate contains fine art or very rare collectibles?
    • An antique or collectible has to be very rare indeed for us not to have prior sales experience or knowledge of it. For fine art and ancient artifacts, if we cannot find the necessary information, we have sources of appraisers and dealers who do. If we can't price something confidently, we will let you know before the sale, and if you wish, put it out for bid.
  • Should I wait until the house is sold, to hold my estate sale?
    • Some real estate brokers may disagree with us, but our answer is no. Once the house is sold, time for holding an estate sale can be very limited or even nonexistent. It is far better to have the estate sale right away, then clean, repair, paint the house as necessary, once everything has been removed.
  • Do you sell items on ebay or other online auctions?
    • Generally, no. The time delay, shipping and other complications usually make this unfeasible.

Still have questions? Please call us at (303) 274-8317 or (720) 371-3366

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